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Mathieu Renard

Mathieu Renard

CEO & Low Level Security Expert

Work History & Feedback

Mathieu Renard, based in Paris, Île-de-France, is a recognized expert in embedded systems security and research. Boasting over a decade of experience, he notably served as a Low-Level Security Researcher for ANSSI and later took on the role of Deputy Head of the Hardware and Software Security Laboratory (LAM).

He stands out for his mastery in embedded system architecture, implementing secure boot processes, and isolation mechanisms on SoCs and CPUs. A specialist in reverse engineering, he adeptly uncovers hidden functionalities within devices. This expertise is amplified by his proficiency in languages such as C, Python, and ASM, coupled with his intricate knowledge of protocols like JTAG, SWD, and CAN.

Throughout his career, Mathieu has worn various hats, transitioning from an Electronics Engineer to a Pentester and Embedded Systems Security Expert. Alongside, he has imparted his knowledge as an Embedded Systems Cybersecurity Trainer. A staunch advocate for continuous learning, his mantra, “If you can’t root it, you don’t own it,” aptly encapsulates his passion for innovation.

Profile Analysis

Mathieu Renard embodies deep technical expertise and unwavering dedication in the field of embedded systems security. His commendable tenure at ANSSI is a testament to his talent, innovative approach, and ability to disseminate knowledge.

Areas of Expertise

  • Embedded Systems Security
  • Low-Level Security Research
  • Secure Boot and Isolation Mechanisms
  • Advanced Reverse Engineering
  • Programming (C, Python, ASM)
  • Protocols (JTAG, SWD, CAN)
  • Vulnerability Detection & Attacks
  • IT Security Consulting
  • Embedded Systems Cybersecurity Training
  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Learning


Research in Low-Level Security -- 85%
Programming -- 79%
Hardware and Software Reverse engineering -- 90%
Hardware design -- 90%
Pentest -- 90%
Forensics -- 85%