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Our training sessions and workshops are focused on the security of embedded systems. The goal is to train participants in the essential techniques for evaluation and protection.

Training Modules:

Hardware Reverse Engineering:
An introduction to the inspection of embedded systems and the basics of hardware reverse engineering. Following an initial presentation of various protocols, tools, and attacker techniques, we delve into various methods of analysis and firmware extraction techniques, supplemented by hands-on exercises.

Software Reverse Engineering:
A detailed look into reverse engineering, highlighting the intricacies of the ASM ARM and x86_64 architectures. The training is enhanced with practical exercises to deepen understanding and promote skill assimilation.

Mobile Reverse Engineering:
A deep dive into reverse engineering tailored for iOS mobile applications. Participants will have the opportunity to bolster their expertise through hands-on exercises aiming to evaluate application security.

Malware Analysis:
Explore relevant methods to analyze malicious software. From uncertainty resolution to packing, including persistence techniques…

DMA Analysis and Practical Attacks:
This new module provides an in-depth exploration of different DMA attacks achievable on embedded systems, enriched with hands-on exercises.

Pedagogical Methodology:

Within our training modules, we emphasize a teaching method that combines solid theory with tangible experiences. Participants dive directly into real-world situations, studying genuine cases such as dissecting gaming consoles, detailed examination of smartphones, or evaluating the security of IoT devices. Each session revolves around in-depth analysis of experienced cases and feedback, allowing complete immersion. Reverse engineering and the formulation of attack tactics are studied through these concrete examples, providing a practical perspective to our teaching.

Practical Sessions:
For participants wishing to deepen their knowledge or seeking personalized sessions, hands-on workshops can be organized upon request.