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Advanced attacks on embedded devices often use sophisticated persistence techniques, making them hard to detect. It’s crucial to analyze these compromised systems thoroughly. Our team employs top-tier forensic methods to reveal and counter such stealthy threats.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Investigations

Our skilled team dives deep into the heart of your embedded systems.

  • Reverse Engineering: Beyond just examining the surface, we dive deep into your device’s architecture and functions. This helps us not only understand its operation but also to uncover any hidden vulnerabilities that might be exploited.

  • Memory Forensics: The volatile memory of a system can often contain crucial clues or evidence. By examining this memory, we can retrieve data that indicates potential vulnerabilities or even signs of past security breaches.

Firmware Extraction Techniques

  • JTAG (Joint Test Action Group): JTAG is a lifeline to the inner workings of a chip. This standard interface lets us directly communicate with chips, enabling us to debug, test circuits, and most importantly, extract valuable firmware data that might be the key to understanding potential security loopholes.

  • Programming Interfaces: These are the gateways to a device’s firmware. By leveraging these interfaces, we can efficiently extract firmware, offering a clear view of its functionalities and potential vulnerabilities.

  • Debugging: Modern devices often come with built-in debugging ports. Our experts can harness these to gain a deeper insight into the device’s operations, potentially uncovering hidden vulnerabilities.

  • Glitch Attacks: These are advanced techniques where we intentionally induce faults, like voltage spikes, to throw off a device’s normal operation. This can help in bypassing security layers and unveiling deeper vulnerabilities.

  • Chip-Off Techniques: Sometimes, the direct approach is the best. In cases where other methods might be restricted, we can physically detach a chip from its device. Using specialized tools, we then access its contents, ensuring no stone is left unturned in our security evaluation.

By employing a blend of traditional and avant-garde techniques, our approach ensures that your embedded systems are not just secure for today but are prepared for the threats of tomorrow.